Video should be longer than 3 minutes in length.

Please make sure your video is less than 50mb and in one of the filling formats: mpg, mpeg, flv, avi, mp4,wmv, mov, 3gp, mkv

- If shooting indoors, make sure to shoot in a well lit room with lights in front of you to light your face.

- Avoid shooting in front of a window with bright sunlight streaming in. This will cause silhouetting.

- When shooting outdoors, avoid shooting with the sun directly behind you. This will also cause silhouetting.

- Shoot during the day so we can see you instead of trying to see you in the dark.

- Speak loudly and clearly

- Find a relatively quiet area to shoot your video so ambient noises won’t distract from what you’re saying.

- If shooting indoors, avoid shooting in loud and crowded rooms where your voice will be drowned out by other people.

- If shooting outdoors, avoid shooting in loud areas and when it’s windy. The wind will distort the microphone.

Your video may be shown on TV. Please shoot in landscape (horizontally) as you would see it on a TV. Please do not shoot in portrait (vertical) style.

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